This year, we’re welcoming the Spring season with bold flavors and a renewed focus on cold craft and trendy jelly. Combining dual unique personalities to create mesmerizing tastes, spring in Starbucks will definitely satisfy your coffee cravings. Indulge your senses in the new beverages, which are truly an experience and embodiment of all things new and fresh.

NEW! Starbucks® Lemon Meringue Latte
Inspired by luscious lemon meringue pies, the new Lemon Meringue Latte combines tart lemon drizzle and fluffy whipped cream for a rich and craveable flavor sensation. Finished with meringue topping, the Lemon Meringue Latte provides layers of sweet lemony goodness perfect for spring mornings. The Lemon Meringue Latte is available as a hot, iced, or blended handcrafted beverage.
NEW! Star® Hazelnut Cold Foam Iced Espresso with Coffee Jelly
Perfectly balanced with rich, nutty hazelnut flavor, the new Hazelnut Cold Foam Iced Espresso with Coffee Jelly delivers a smooth, satisfying ice coffee experience layered with flavor and texture. The Hazelnut Cold Foam features buttery hazelnut syrup blended with low-fat milk for that lightweight super-smooth foam, and topped over iced espresso and coffee jelly for a refreshing taste. The Hazelnut Cold Foam Iced Espresso with Coffee Jelly is available as an iced handcrafted beverage.