Seasonal Offerings

Welcome the new year with brand-new Teavana™ offerings


Embracing the spirit of innovation and reimagination for the new year, Starbucks is introducing a brand-new way to experience tea with its range of Teavana™ beverages. These new modernize tea experiences combine classic teas with unexpected flavors, they offer warm and refreshing options for any occasion. Starbucks Brunei will offer the following beverages starting 10 January, while stocks last.


New! Teavana™ Oat Green Tea Latte

Starbucks is reimaging the delicate green tea latte with an unexpected ingredient: Oat! Introducing Oat Green Tea Latte, Starbucks new take on the smooth and creamy matcha-based beverage with the addition of real oats to offer you the comfort and warmth of a hearty breakfast.


New! Teavana™ Poached Pear Chamomile Tea

Combining floral chamomile tea with the subtle sweetness of poached pear bits, Starbucks presents Poached Pear Chamomile Tea - a soothing and refreshing fruit tea that you will want to savor time and time again.


To ring in the Lunar New Year, Starbucks is also launching tea-inspired Starbucks® coffee and tea beverages with Cold Foam, to combine the velvety mouthfeel of Cold Foam and aromatic Teavana™ tea beverages, as well as coffee beverages, to tantalize taste buds. These beverages will only be available in Brunei from 22nd January onwards.


New! Teavana™Chestnut Black Tea Latte

The Chestnut Black Tea Latte is this year’s familiar comfort to help you unwind this season. Blending finely ground black tea with velvety steamed milk, delectable roasted chestnut sauce, and topped with a sprinkle of chestnut and strawberry bites – this beverage is the perfect choice to celebrate the festive season.


New!Teavana™Mango Passionfruit Cold Foam Iced Shaken Black Tea

With a hint of honey and fruity notes of mango and passionfruit juice-infused Cold Foam, the refreshing Mango Passionfruit Cold Foam Shaken Iced Black Tea is a match-made-in-heaven. The Mango Passionfruit Cold Foam is also available in a sparkling variant at participating outlets across Malaysia.


New! Matcha Cold Foam Iced Americano

A dream come true for coffee and tea lovers – Starbucks is reimagining the classic Iced Americano with the infusion of matcha – in the format of meringue-like, earthy Matcha Cold Foam.